Clean Beach Force

Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa Beach.

Together we can clean the Beaches of Sri Lanka and save Indian ocean in clean. We want to collect trash from the ocean 


Our mission

We are going to collect 50 tons of plastic from Sri Lanka beaches during 2020!

tons of plastic

km of aim beaches

people in team

About Us

Meet the team-lead – David!

David is a local citizen of Sri Lanka, what want to see the clean beaches and clean ocean. He do a big deal for planet!
David is making a difference for the beaches/ocean every day. Every day he collects around 100kg of plastic trash leave on beaches. In future it saves a thousands of sea animals and birds.

Help David to fight the pollution. Help planet. 

We want to reach the goal of 50 tons of plastic collected during the 2020! Click Follow and be in touch of saving planet!

Plastic rubbish – the most agressive venom in ocean!

Oceans and lakes are the end of watersheds – areas surrounding any body of water divided by hills. They therefore collect all of the trash that flows from the rivers feeding them, as well as any trash left behind on beaches or within their own water.

Trash is a growing problem that harms beaches and compromises recreation, tourism, and important marine habitat for animals and plants.

It’s time for community organizing to start cleaning beaches to help these ecosystems thrive.


Goal reach!


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