Company name: Guangzhou Zhong Lu De Trading Co., Ltd
Type of company: Ltd
Merchant Registry Number: 440106001632298
Business Management:
No.5 set (part: 141) East Main Street
Miao Yuan HuangCun Tianhe District

Anti Mosquito Bands – 10 pcs In 5 Colors Delicate and Plain| Deet Free 100% Natural No Deet Wristbands – Anti Mosquito Bracelet For Children and Adults | Mosquito Wristband – Anti Insect Band

EAN: 729389720582

  • 🧘‍♀️YOU THINK ONLY YOGA CAN HELP YOU KEEP CALM WITH MOSQUITOES AROUND? THINK NO MORE WITH TILLMANN’S INSECT REPELLENT BANDS – Lemon and eucalyptus extract, lemongrass extract and lavender essential oil in our bands are 100% natural ingredients and natural mosquito repellent that can help you forget about the insects. Wearing the bands we offer is a safe way for protection against any mosquito or midge as it is DEET free and cannot harm you
  • 🏡MOSQUITO REPELLENT BANDS TO PROTECT YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO – Doesn’t matter if you work in the garden, travel around, jog or just rest at home, our anti mosquito product was created for you to enjoy all the activities while mosquitos are kept away. Thanks to adjustable belt it’s suitable for adults, children and babies
  • 😎 A LITTLE BIT OF FASHION IN OUR ANTI MOSQUITO BRACELET – It comes in 5 delicate colors that you can adjust to fit your clothing. Perfect to put on wrists, ankles or attach to baby’s cot or pushchair, as well as to your travel gear or bag. It’s made of microfibre, super absorbent material that holds the essential oils within and repels the midges continuously
  • ⏱ MIDGE REPELLENT BAND CAN KEEP YOU SAFE FROM INSECTS FOR 5 DAYS – 120 hours protection can be extended if you put the bracelet back to the bag and seal when not in use. 10 pieces packaging is ideal to protect the whole family during holidays as well as all daily activities, including sleep
  • 🤑 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 100% of your money back, without questions or explanations

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