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Ear Candles Beeswax By Tillmann’s – 6 pairs (12 pcs) + 6 Protection Discs | 100% Natural Beeswax Candles – Relaxing and Soothing

EAN: 0729389721008

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  • 🐝 RELIEVE YOUR EARS WITH NATURAL BEESWAX EAR CANDLES Ear coning is a natural way to relieve ears overcharged with earwax. Fullness with cerumen can make you feel uncomfortable and the candles are there to solve the problem through cerumen removal
  • 👂 SUFFERING FROM SWIMMER’S EAR, SINUSES OR HEADACHES? Try those ear wax remover candles method to help alleviate your discomfort. Candle treatment stimulates the blood circulation in your ear and causes the improvement of cleansing circulation in your lymph glands. That way the earwax gets more loose and you quickly have a sense of relief, also from sinuses and headaches. One ear candle each ear and you will feel more relaxed
  • 😌 PERFECT WAY TO RELAX AFTER A STRESSFUL DAY – The therapy using ear wax candles is a great way to unwind from your everyday troubles. Crackling of the beeswax candle you can hear and stillness of your body allows to soothe and relieve any tenseness. It is important that best results can be achieved if the treatment of ear candling is performed by another person. Read more in the description below and instructions added to know how to do it correctly
  • 😎 GET 6 PAIRS OF WAX EAR CANDLES TO ENJOY THIS RELAXING PROCESS FOR LONGER – As it is a great therapeutic experience, we give you 6 pairs of ear candles, to be able to repeat the treatment a few times. Perfect solution is to do it together with your partner, friends or family members, it can really bring you closer!
  • 🤑 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or money back! Without any questions or explanations

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