Company name: Guangzhou Zhong Lu De Trading Co., Ltd
Type of company: Ltd
Merchant Registry Number: 440106001632298
Business Management:
No.5 set (part: 141) East Main Street
Miao Yuan HuangCun Tianhe District

Face Gems – Body Gems 4 Patterns | Face Jewels and Body Jewels For Festivals | Face Gems Stick On | Festival Glitter | Self Adhesive Face Crystals – Face Rhinestones

EAN: 0729389721015

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  • 💋SIMPLEST WAY TO GET THIS INCREDIBLE LOOK – Our face gems and body jewels are a great accessory to enhance your party look. In the set you get 4 different patterns, two for the face and two for the body. These festival face gems are made of safe for the skin, easy to use and non-toxic resin adhesive rhinestones, UNFORGETTABLE add-on to your festival accessories
  • 💅 ADHESIVE FESTIVAL RHINESTONES COMPLEMENTING YOUR CLOTHING – Just as make up or traditional jewelry, our product can give and additional twist to your outfit. It’s very simple to wear -the whole piece comes together so you remove it from the film at once. Make sure your skin is clean and dry and apply directly on it. Put a bit of pressure on each jewel to make them stick well and go enjoy the party!
  • 🥂 MERMAID STYLE CRYSTAL DECO FOR MANY OCCASSIONS – Gems for face and body are a great idea to upgrade your festival look and an extra for wedding clothing. You can use it at a pool or beach party and as a part of hen party accessories, even make a theme out of it! Bollywood night or hippie style event can be an excellent place to express yourself and accent your beauty event better with bindi style deco
  • 🤔 EXPLORE YOUR OWN IMAGINATION Face gems as a delicate temporary tattoo on your back? Body jewels on your belly’s side? You’ve got a great chance to experiment with our product. It’s adhesive and reusable. After use simply put it back on the film and then improvise with another great place to show it! See more instructions below
  • 🤑 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or money back! Without any questions or explanations

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