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Miao Yuan HuangCun Tianhe District

Whitening Strip 28 Pcs | Teeth Whitening Strips With Gift 60 Pcs Dental Floss Picks – Perfect Smile 14 Days Treatment By Tillmann’s | Tooth Whitening Whitening Strips -Teeth Whitening Kit| Fluoride Free Teeth Whitening Peroxide Free Set

EAN: 729389721022

  • 🙈 COLOUR OF YOUR TEETH BRINGS YOU A HEADACHE? Are you worried about your looks on this important event coming up soon? No need to worry anymore! Teeth whitening is a process that can help you reach a better shade on your teeth day by day. With our mint flavor teeth whitening strips you will be able to improve the looks, and all this only within 2 weeks!
  • 🤩 QUICK, EFFECTIVE AND COMFORTABLE! Whitening at the dentist is an expensive deal, fortunately there’s a safe way to do it at home. Our teeth whitening kit is enamel safe and peroxide free. You just need to use a pair of strips for 30 minutes to get a brighter smile and more healthy looking teeth!
  • ⏱ 14 DAYS TREATMENT TO GET TO YOUR TEETH WHITENING GOAL WITHOUT TOO MUCH HASSLE – With each set of upper and lower teeth whitening strip you get to whiter teeth! The kit is totally user friendly without any mess around, just put on the strips, set the timer and get back to your routine. Simply follow the tooth whitening instructions attached to the package and brighten your smile
  • 💰 COMPLEX CARE FOR YOUR TEETH WITH FREE GIFT DENTAL FLOSS PICKS – Taking care of your oral hygiene now is an investment for the future! For this reason apart from the whitener we offer you a set of 60 pcs teeth picks. Cleaning interdental areas regularly may save you a lot of money spent on the dentist, as these spaces are often the source of caries, stains and gums pain and many more! Take the action and make a difference for yourself!
  • 🤑 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or 100% of money back, without any questions or explanations

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